Les jeunes

Sensibiliser lycéens et étudiants à l’importance d’oser leurs rêves, d’aller vers les autres, de s’ouvrir à la différence, nourrir leur créativité par le biais des concerts d’émergence.

La rue

Jouer au milieu d’un marché, réaliser des itinérances musicales dans la circulation… Jouer pour des populations ciblées : quartiers défavorisés, milieux carcéral, personnes handicapées, personnes agées, malades…

Jam Session

Rencontres avec les musiciens locaux.


2 day seminar at a Conservatoire

Day 1: pedagogy with the teachers

Day 2: put it into practice with the teachers and the pupils


Spectacle musical et tir de feux d’artifice synchronisé. Sons et lumières sur remparts, façades de monuments, type château, église, cathédrale... Chorégraphie avec funambule, jongleur, danseur. Autres possibles ? A imaginer...


"At each concert, I tell the audience the importance of listening to the moments which are given to us. Why? Because every moment carries within itself a revelation.”

Les conférences

Autour de deux thèmes

  • Eloge de la fausse note
  • La Clé d'Être

The Emergence Concerts

“Every human flower holds a delicate perfume with which to scent the whole universe. Regrettably, because they do not know it yet, they dare not open. By being attuned to the present moment with our hearts, we can receive a revelation which allows this opening, and so establish enchanted dialogues with all things.”

By inviting a person who has never played the piano to come to sit down with him in front of the keyboard, Marc Vella opens the door to an intimate relation with evening, with the pure energy that is grace. Accompanying with a glance, emphasizing notes played with some hesitation, he gives direction to that which is expressed in an instant, and little by little brings to the foreground the deep being who slumbers in each of us. The audience is then flooded by a vibration of life, as they are gripped by the authenticity of what they hear.

The emergence concert generally occurs within the framework of a concert, a documentary viewing, or a conference.

“Really, grace is at the heart of each moment. Being convinced of it, I liked putting total novices in front of my piano, and there the incredible happened. How could I not have been deeply moved by the astonishing music they produced, even though they had never learnt theory, never touched a piano in their lives? By the simple listening of sounds, they managed to give us Beauty, Joy, Pleasure. They stirred us. This music of the moment was like the song of the first bird in the morning, but it was still night. This first song in the silence where everything seems to be asleep, but where, really, everything listens.”  Le pianist nomade

"Live Differently - the Music of Life"

“Vivre autrement la musique de la vie”

Course for beginners, amateurs and professionals

This course offers, for those who have never made music, the chance to really play, and for musicians bound by learning greater freedom of expression. Improvising on the piano, you will discover that there are no dissonances. All your being, even your cells, will register this message of life, joyful and healing. The stirring of your vibratory being, here is the shortest road to self-fulfilment and to harmonize with life...

You will know the grace to be crossed... “Vivre autrement la musique de la vie” is more than a simple music course, it asks us deep questions."

Put all the love that you feel for Being in the note that you play and allow yourself to be invaded by the grace of each echo … In everything which is possible, there are no dissonances. Everything is right by definition! By listening to the echoes and the silences. Everything is just by definition! By listening to the echos and the silences, you put yourself in the music of life”.  Le Pianiste nomade

Au sein des entreprises

Séminaires et conférences : Ses interventions libèrent l’innovation et la créativité, redonnent du sens et révèlent des richesses insoupçonnées au sein du personnel. Les rapports entre les cadres deviennent plus souples et efficaces.

Concert de musique sacrée

(église ou cathédrale)

Invité lors des JMJ pour la venue du pape Jean-paul II en France.

Invité au 1°festival d’Art et Spiritualité de la ville de Troyes.

Ouverture du Congrès sur « la Beauté sauvera le monde» donné à Budapest. Ouverture du Congrès donné à Aix-les-Bains, ayant pour thème :

« Seul l’Amour transformera le monde. »

Ouverture pour de nombreux congrès et Forums

(Terre du Ciel, Euréka, Val de consolation, A Ciel ouvert, Salon ZEN, forum du bien-être...)