A reader and poet from adolescence, Marc Vella writes as he lives, in motion, the spirit of sharing of what moves him. His first work, “le Funambule du Ciel” (The Tightrope walker of the Sky), is a poetic, philosophic tale - light as a breath, bright as a star.

His life, his love of freedom, the adventure of “la Caravane amoureuse”  (The Loving Caravan), his philosophy, Marc Vella's quill is dipped in the experiences of life.

Eloge de la fausse note

(The Eulogy of Dissonance)

Editions de l’Homme – Montreal, Quebec

To open oneself to grace is a path on the road towards oneself. Marc Vella accompanies us by sharing his vision marked by benevolence and love of life. The dissonance? A preconceived idea which divides, because life is unity. The “dissonance” is like the “long way round”, a road of discovery into which everything becomes integrated, creating new harmonies within the freedom of improvisation.

Appeared in France, Switzerland and Belgium on March 21st, 2012

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Le Funambule du Ciel

Reprinted in 2012 by Petit Chemin Publications.

Text by Marc Vella and calligraphy by Bernard Camus

A philosophical tale: a character in search of the absolute, in search of love. The calligraphy illustrates marvellously the vertiginousness of the process. To read and to meditate in the peace of the heart.

Le pianist nomade

(The nomadic pianist)

2004 - New edition by Petit Chemin Publications, 2012.

The story of Marc Vella, from his childhood until the creation of the Caravane amoureuse in 2004. A journey brought about by intense desire and an inner conviction:

“To show the beauty of Man in the silence of the world, in the conviction that we can only increase this humanity by making it love itself.”

Le Chant des Libres

(The Song of the Free)

Text by Marc Vella and calligraphy by Bernard Camus

A celebration of life, of the real freedom … that is to love humanity

An essential small book, glorified by magnificent calligraphy inviting one to take off.

La Caravane amoureuse

(The Loving Caravan)

2008 - New edition by Petit Chemin Publications, 2012.

The history of the Caravans from 2004 - 2008. To be stirred by the spirit of meeting with others, in the benevolence and the opening of the heart.